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How To Make Holding Flower 2016-06-29

How To Make Holding Flower

    Every girls are looking forward to a dream wedding,Princess-style, tourism married andso on.Whether you need a kind of wedding bouquets. Holding a bouquet of flowers just a small holding flowers, but carrying the happy couple's future happiness and love. A striking bride holding flowers not only make more perfect shape, but also to witness the happy bride and experience important moments!Today i will teach you how to DIY holding flower.

First you have to prepare a sufficient length of satin ribbon and a piece of non-woven

      As shown non-woven loop into a cone shape,So that we can put satin band sewn at the top, so that more three-dimensional cone-shaped flowers make. To select double-sided satin ribbon, because we are the opposite will be used. Double-sided satin ribbon sewn up the finished product will look better.

     Here are the steps to sewing。

       Maybe you want to give the bride can surprise you with a printed satin ribbon, satin belt printing in your promise to each other, is a very romantic thing. If it is for commercial purposes, in the above printing company logo, but also to achieve publicity.

     This is a simple finished, we try to be their own hands. The company exports a large number of all kinds of clothing materials, finished and semi-finished products, hair jewelry, and other interested please send inquiry to me! Thank you! ! !

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